HSEQ – Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Our commitment to HSEQ, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality,  is embedded in all aspects of our business and at all levels from Top Management streamed down to the entire organization.

We at Khadamat continuously strive to prevent accident occurrence and to minimize risks to the health and safety of our employees, customers and the community. Our target is “Zero Harm”.

This is reflected through:

  1. Training programs, workshops, campaigns;
  2. Ensuring that our suppliers and subcontractors share and adhere to our objectives, targets and commitments;
  3. Dedication to continual improvement by monitoring services, performance evaluation, setting objectives and targets;
  4. Compliance to relevant HSEQ requirements and standards;
  5. Information sharing with our customers;
  6. Assessing and where possible reducing environmental aspects and impacts;
  7. Social responsibility, sustainability programs and initiatives;
  8. Delivering high quality services.