Service Desk

The Khadamat Service Desk is a Single Point of Contact for inquiries, requests or complaints relating to the services provided by Khadamat on the Male and Female Campus.

Our team of dedicated professionals ensures that requests are managed with precision, 24×7. All requests are logged on Concept Evolution; a real-time system and a Task ID/Request Number is generated and provided to all requestors. This number can be used to track and follow up on outstanding requests. An auto generated email is sent to the requestor when a new request is entered on his behalf, followed by subsequent update and completion notifications.

Operating Hours: 24/7

The Service Desk can be contacted at:

Telephone: 03-7138000


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  1. General operating information about the UAEU campus
  2. Complaint and Commendation Process
  3. Events / Activity Notification Form

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