Waste Management

Khadamat Waste Management Team manages and facilitates the collection of waste in the UAEU Maqam Campus.  This service is an efficient, timely and compliant waste management service for the operational and environmental aspects of the Facilities.

Khadamat Waste Management provides service for managing and undertaking the safe handling, transportation and disposal of waste from designated internal collection/storage points to its external point of final removal from the campus.

All external (municipality covered skips) waste disposal from the campus will be via the existing arrangements with Tadweer. The Waste Management Team effectively liaises with Tadweer appointed waste contractors to ensure waste is removed in a safe and timely manner as per the UAEU requirements

Khadamat Waste Management comply with statutory standards and requirements, UAE law; and advises improvements, and assist in promoting a clean and tidy environment within the Facilities.

In addition to routine waste collection, the services provide a reactive service via the Service Desk for waste collection and responds to such requests within the specified Service Response Times ensuring Service Standards are maintained at all times.

The types of waste collected include:

  1. Domestic waste –  collected from each waste room and transferred to a Municipality’s skip for final disposal.
  2. Recyclable items –  collected and consolidated and turned-over to an appointed recycling contractor for further processing.
  3. Hazardous Waste
    • Pure Chemical Waste – collected upon receipt of completely filled up Waste Material Data Sheet along with the MSDS which reflect the revised government legislation, as dictated by the Centre of Waste Management (CWM).
    • Mixture of Chemical Waste – collected upon receipt of completely filled up Waste Material Data Sheet as per Khadamat agreement with the University in line the government regulation.
    • Other Hazardous Waste – collected upon receipt of a completely filled up Laboratory Waste Collection Request Form.

Operating Hours:

Waste Management teams collects waste once daily, Monday – Friday (8:00 am to 5:00 pm). A limited service shall operate on Saturday, and out of semester periods.

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