Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission to provide a range of integrated facilities management solutions, which are recognized as providing value for money whilst delivering world class services.


To be the sole provider of a portfolio of facilities management and outsourced services to the UAE University, bringing world class best practice, operating efficiencies, effective service delivery and value for money.

Khadamat Values

Khadamat will ensure that:

  1. We will always take a professional and flexible approach.
  2. We provide cost effective performance.
  3. We integrate effectively and fully into our client’s organizations.

We will provide an environment for all Khadamat staff that:

  1. Is supportive and understanding of personal needs.
  2. Recognizes the importance of individuals.
  3. Fosters respect for individuals.
  4. Is open and provides communication in both directions.
  5. Promotes the development of new ideas and initiatives.

The responsibility of Khadamat’s Management will be to:

  1. Provide a clear insight into our business and its processes.
  2. Provide a depth of capable management.
  3. Ensure maximum responsibility is devolved to the point where it will be most effective.
  4. Create strong and committed teams.
  5. Ensure policies, procedures and processes are fully understood and complied with.